Keep Current Customers and Attract New Ones with Mobile Content Marketing

By now most you should be aware content marketing is your key to Internet marketing.  Well, here is another way to market your content and attract new clients — via mobile content marketing.  You can use mobile content marketing as another tool in your content marketing strategy. Simply put, it is an additional marketing instrument to help you in your practice with your clients and attract new clients who are not computer savvy or are too busy to sit at their computer to view your website.

In order to build your relationship with new potential clients or customers, mobile content marketing should be part of your strategy.  In this era of 3G and 4G mobile networks, many more people are using their mobile phones and other devices to access online content. I’ll go as far as saying their mobile phones, iPads and tablets are taking over the role of the PC and laptop.  This trend cannot be ignored by those who are computer savvy and are passionate Internet marketers looking to remain on the forefront of ever changing marketing techniques.

Social Network usage has increased by over millions because of mobile access to the Internet. This trend is projected to continue to be on the rise. Once you begin offering your clients the capability to access your content via the mobile devices they are using or code your site to identify what devices are being used to read the content, then you make it easy for your current clients to pass on the information via texting.

In her “State of the Internet Report,”  Mary Meeker, the “Queen of the Internet” stated “Rapid ramp of mobile internet usage will be a boon to consumers and some companies will likely win big (potentially very big) while many will wonder what just happened.” Are you willing to take the chance of being one of those who just wonders what just happened?

For more information on Mobile Internet Content Marketing, view Priority Integrated Marketing’s blog: Is your Content Ready for Mobile Search?


Deborah A. Mitchell
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