Creating a Wall Picture for Your Facebook (Fan) Business Page

I have been reading a whole lot about Facebook Business Pages (Fan Pages) and how to draw attention to them. One of the topics I have come across is Branding, specifically via a Wall Picture or Avatar, which will drive business to your site. If you’re like me, you may be asking yourself, “How much will it cost to create an Avatar or Wall Picture for my Fan Page?” Well, I’ve discovered it doesn’t cost a thing! (or doesn’t have to cost a thing.)

I recently finished the Thrive Online series course with Mia Chambers of Acumen VA. In it I learned about branding my business using a Wall Picture. Mia gave several examples of Fan Pages using wall pictures, including Mari Smith’s, and her own, but what stood out for me was when she said, “you can create your own using Microsoft Word or Publisher, until such time as you can afford a graphic designer”.

Now, because I love working with graphics and making documents pop to draw attention to them, I took Mia’s advise and ran with it. I’m by no means a graphic designer, but I love to create my own flyers and presentations. Over the years, I have learned to use Microsoft Word as a power program for my presentation documents. Following is a breakdown on how I created the Wall Picture for my Fan Page:

In Microsoft Word, I manually created a text box. I uploaded my photograph to the document, cropped and resized it to fit at the top of the box. I filled the background color and added a border to the textbox, then inserted my logo below the photograph. Notice my logo blends with the background and photo. That is because I used the .png version of the logo. Once the logo was was sized to fit in the textbox, I created a WordArt with my business url. I changed the shape and added it to the text box. If you find the images appear behind your box, make sure you select “Behind Text” in the Text Wrapping feature. To add the specific services or skills to the box, I inserted a shape, filled it with the same background color and border, used bullets to highlight the skills, then finished the box by inserting my email address and telephone number.

To see the finished product, click here. If you like this and feel you can create your own, why don’t you try this and see how easy it is.

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Deborah A. Mitchell
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