A Cure and Healing from HIV/AIDS

Yesterday, December 1st, was World AIDS Day Celebration. Most churches in the Methodist denomination (and others) will be celebrating the event this Sunday during worship services.

To date, though medication is available to help alleviate the ravages of the disease, there are Third World countries that have no access to medication. In countries, such as South Africa, and other African nations, AIDS has wiped out an entire generation. Children are being raised by their grandparents, as their mothers or fathers (or both), have died from this disease, not to mention, some children suffering with the disease and literally being treated as pariahs. It is sad and heartbreaking to have to witness the effects of this disease.

My wish for the world is for healing and finding a cure for this disease, which has caused so much devastation since it first came to light many years ago. In celebration of this event, I will be wearing my red ribbon. Will you wear yours?

Deborah A. Mitchell
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