Hi! Welcome to my website. My name is Deborah A. Mitchell and I am a Virtual Assistant (VA for short).

What is Virtual Assistance? Virtual Assistance is a fairly new administrative profession. It is the art of working long-term and closely with a successful person (client) without needing to be physically in the client’s office or place of business, and providing top of the line administrative services to that client. VAs partner with their clients to provide top-notch administrative assistance for their business needs.

As an AssistU trained VA, we learn how to make the pieces fit together, to know our clients well enough to be responsive to their needs. AssistU, which was founded by Anastacia Brice in 1997, was the first organization of its kind for Virtual Assistants.

The profession is only 15 years old, however, there are people providing Virtual Assistance service for more than 14 years. Anastacia Brice, AssistU’s founder, has been providing this service since the 1980s.

Virtual Assistance is not the usual relationship traditionally found in the workplace (i.e. boss/employee). Rather, it is partnering together to bring about a collaborative experience mutually beneficial to both the client and the VA.

VIRTUALOSITY is a virtual practice developed to provide administrative support to individuals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs needing the services of an administrative assistant with the added benefit of not having to pay for workspace, health insurance, or all benefits associated with hiring a traditional employee.


Deborah A. Mitchell

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